Monday, February 2, 2009

Letter 1 From Kitale 10/10/1927

Alan has arrived at last at Kibomet Estate, after slow travel on the steamer and the Uganda Railway. Holbeck Feast was one of the many annual fairs in the Leeds district held on the last Sunday in October.

Kibomet Estate,
Kenya 10/10/1927

Darling Joyce,

Thank you very much, my darling daughter for the nice letter enclosed in Mummie’s of Sept 10th, it arrived yesterday.

Well Joyce dear, Dad has got safely to Kitale at last, after over a month of travelling by sea and on railway, of course it is not really such a great distance from Leeds to Kitale but the steamer goes only about 280 miles a day and the train on the Uganda railway often travels no faster than you could walk that is when it is climbing up the steep gradients from the town of Mombasa at the coast up into the Highland area where Kitale is, 7000 feet above sea level.
I am so glad to read that you and Mummy and Grandpa had a jolly time at Holbeck Feast . What a shame you did not get the Ten Shilling Note but we cannot always be on the winning side every time can we? Sometimes others get their chances too.
By the time the postman delivers this at your door with a Rap Rap! I expect Guy Fawkes Day will have arrived and I and sure Mummy will let you buy some Fireworks Catherine Wheels and Roman Candles & Golden Rains I think are the best, but there is good fun sometimes with a Jumping Cracker.
The weather at home will be too cold now for you to go to the Swimming Bath, but I expect such things as Dancing Lessons and getting ready for Speech Day will be interesting you now. I am glad to hear that Pat has not bitten Grandpa. I am afraid he is sometimes a very naughty and savage dog ! Soon all the shops in Boar Lane and Briggate will be decorating their windows for Christmas.
You must tell me all about it Darling, and about your Christmas Shopping

Write again soon to your loving Daddy XXXXXXXXXX