Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fowler Machinery: 1925 Consignment to Lord Egerton N'Gata Farm, Njoro,

Allan Thackeray worked on the estate for just the one year, 1926, (Lord Egerton would have been 52). He had travelled to Kenya to oversee the use of the Fowler equipment sent to the Egerton estate and the records from John Fowler detail a consignment of agricultural implements sent out to Ngata Farm in 1925.

N'Gata Farm, Njoro 1925. Fowler Consignment to Lord Egerton.
The implements were ordered 22/07/1925
Lord Egerton, Tatton Park, for Kenya Colony
11581 9/10 Furrow A/B Paring Plough
15’ Turning Harrows
14291P 15’ Turning Harrows originally to G.Caudwell06/02/1922 (22/07/1925 SOLD SECOND HAND TO Lord Egerton for Kenya Colony)
14606 11/13 Cultivator 4¼” X 1¼” X 10”
14607 4 Shaft Reversible Disc Harrows
14608 4 Wheel Water Cart 7’ x 3’ Steel Frame
14609P 4 Wheel Water Cart 7’ x 3’ Steel Frame

dispatched on 24/09/1925

This information was kindly forwarded to me by Robert Oliver of the Steam Plough Club Uk together with some preliminary details of the engines etc in the photographs.


The following photographs need information which I will hopefully be able to add after my visit home to Lincolnshire where I will be meeting up with Mr Goodman of the Steam Plough club)

The engine is a Fowler Z6 ploughing engine despatched from the factory on 6th Jan 1926 to a firm called General Real Estates Investment Trust Ltd

Detail of the above. It reads "Made in England, Fowler, Nakuru, V Kilindini" Kilindidni is the port at Mombassa.

Two engines, there is one in the distance.

Fowler Water Tank

The plough was a 6 furrow anti balance plough. ( see in the post Plough)