Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photographs from N'gata 1926: 3 Domestic Buildings

Some photographs of domestic buildings around N'gata.

It is a shame the first photograh is so faded, there is a figure standing in front of the house, but it is unclear if it is Lord Egerton or not.

"Lord Egerton's House, N'gata Njoro "

"Mr Broatch my nearest neighbour at Njoro and his little boy."
I have just found a reference to a David BROATCH (b.1 Aug 1924-Njoro,Kenya) son of Thomas John BROATCH (b.29 Dec 1896-Dryfesdale and Sarah McIntosh SHARP (b.12 Aug 1896-Linwood,Renfrew . It must be this little boy.

Same house as above from different angle, I think. The steeply pitched roof will have kept the house fairly cool.

"A Desirable Family Residence near the Station. Roof of Flattened Petrol tins"

Village Hut .. there is a chicken in the foreground and a seated figure to the right

Hut construction, wattle posts which are then covered with a mud facing.