Monday, April 28, 2008

Photographs from N'gata 1926: 2 Allan Thackeray's House, Borland's Ford, Ngata, Njoro

Views of Allan's house.
It is not entirely clear if these are all of the same house. As yet I have been unable to find any record of the Borland's Ford location. On the enlargements you can see the wattle and daub construction. The interior details are also interesting.. particularly the teapot and the discarded shoes. There are 3 wine glasses and what looks like a tomato ketchup bottle.

"My Hut N'gata"

No details of this photo.

"Interior. My Hut with kitchen help Muriasi, Njoro"

No details of this photo.

"My Kitchen, Kitchen help-- Muriasai, Cook-- Juma and General help around kitchen, name unknown"

" My Hut, Borlands Ford "
This is a small part of a badly faded photo, but nice old car.